Image Installation not possilble


sorry for my english…i come from germany.
i try to install coreelec on my W95 Box. These has a S905W Chip.
I have read the manual to install more than once.
I download the Image Matrix 9.13 for new installation. Not for update.
I hava make more then one usb sticks and a sd card with rufus. (3.11 and .3.17)
Then i have copy the gxl_p281_2g.dtb into the root of stick ord card.
rename this to dtb.img.
Into zhe box and press the reset button on upper side of the pcb.
But the box will not boot form card or stick. I can do what will i. no chance…
Have anybody a idea what is the problem?

Thank you and bye.


try with a different sd card or usb / pendrive

Try to get it to work with CoreElec 9.2.8


i have try 9.28, 9.02 and matrix 19.3.
I have try 3 usb sticks, but i have only one mirco sd, buyed therefore.
I think the w509 will not access to usb or sd card. The usb stick will go on when powered up, but no access from w905. The led from the stick will go on, and that it.
Normaly the led is blinking when i access with my laptop on the stick. But the w905 let the stick no blinking and starting normaly with “Hello”…Configuring…
Thes reset button i have checked with a multimeter. He works.
I think the only way is the Android Recovery Console. But therfore i need a apk package.

Bye an regards

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