Import Database from a previous version


I have been running a wrxtasy build of LE, however its time to update.

I have successfully installed CE and got it running, no issues there, however

I want to be able to import my database from LE, this is running on a separate MySQL database, I have tried exporting it from LE, however I cant seem to get CE to restore it.

Whats the best method for moving the Db across, I’m really only interested in the watched status to be fair but if I can get it all across that would be great,

Any ideas?


You thread title is a little misleading as wrxtasy builds are based upon kszaqs 8.2 LE branch and not CE.

Nevertheless there is an issue within Kodi where it can not upgrade mysql databases from 17.x to 18.x if your mysql server is too old, you may have to upgrade your mysql server first and then it might work.

If you still have LE on an SD card you can just add the “WatchedList” addon run it it will generate a file \coreelec\Userdata\addon_data\service.watchedlist\watchedlist.db.

Copy this file and sources.xml, mediasources.xml and passwords.xml from the userdata directory. Then on the new CE install copy them files back. Go into videos and tell it what content type is for each source and then scan for new content. After its finished install WatchedList run it then copy the watchedlist.db back to \coreelec\Userdata\addon_data\service.watchedlist\watchedlist.db then run WatchedList again if all goes well it will re-add all your ticks.


Thanks for getting back to me guys

@anon88919003 I am running 5.7, I had a search but couldn’t find anything relating to an issue with the MySQL version, only the Kodi Wiki that states 5.6 is the minimum. SQL shows no sign of a new database being created, I am seeing an error in the SQL logs, “Got an error reading communication packet” it looks as if there is a fairly simple fix for that so I will try again.

Just to clarify, should the database migration happen automatically ?

So I have setup CE and got that running, edited my advancedsettings file to point Kodi at my external database, rebooted and at that point the migration should start, yes ?

@ffimon Thanks for the suggestion, this may be a better route to take as it is the only info in the database that I actually want to keep. Top stuff. As I mentioned above I think I have a issue with my SQL instance, if I can get that fixed, I think I will pursue this route…

Thanks again.

Sorry I can’t help much with MySQL as I have never used it for Kodi purposes, I just remember seeing the following contribution to Kodi, stating that MySQL versions less than 5.6 was being depreciated.

On another note I also use Trakt to sync my watched status across all devices and it also keeps track of when I pause so I can pickup on another device, tells me when next episodes are out and my progress, if this is the only reason you are using MySQL then I would migrate to Trakt.

Thanks for the help and tips gents, appreciated,


Quick update, I’m now up and running with CE, it was a REALLY stupid omission that catches me every time.

I had not set “Wait For Network” so CE was live before the network was up and it was skipping connecting to my SQL server… DOH ! Thanks again…