Imposible to install Confluence

HI. I have latest CE(8.95.5) installed on KI PRO (S905). I can´t change skin to confluence-MOD (also treid unmodded) neither from official repository or from repository.

Standard Confluence depends on xbmc.gie 5.14.0 but Confluence-MOD from kodinerds repository changes it to 5.10.0. But still not working…

Does anybody knows if this Kodi Leia version has support from Comfluence? Thanks.

You can download it from the GitHub repository:

Or wait until it is updated in the Kodi repository.

Thanks, tried it but: “Dependency xbmc.gui 5.14.0 not satified”

Image resource select addon was installed when I tried to install Confluence MOD from but I can´t remove it now (don´t know how). Maybe this addon causes problem with your newest confluence theme from github?

Removed Image resource select addon via SSH. Stiil can´t install confluence due to Dependency xbmc.gui 5.14.0 not satified error.

I guess you’ll need to get an older commit then. Try this one:

This works. Thank you…


I’m not updating the interface.

Yours truly…