Incorrect time since CoreELEC NG 20.3

Since CoreELEC NG 20.3 the time is displayed incorrectly. It is always 80 seconds behind the real time. Example:
CoreELEC shows 8:00
Real time: 8:01:20
This applies to CE NG 20.3, 20.4, 20.5 and also to 21.0 RC2. After downgrading to 20.2 the time is correct again. This can be replicated as often as you like and also applies to a new installation. The time zone set doesn’t seem to make a difference either. I have tested several. It’s always those 80 seconds.
Tested on two devices:

  1. X88 King
  2. X96 Max+

CoreELEC NG 21.0 Final also displays the time incorrectly. The problem already existed in CoreELEC 19, I believe in all sub-versions. CoreELEC 9 shows the time correctly, 20.0 to 20.2 too. Since 20.3 it has been wrong again, now also in 21.0. Entering one or more NTP time servers in the CoreELEC settings doesn’t help either. It’s definitely a CoreELEC issue, not a Kodi issue. Because Kodi under Windows shows the correct time. Kodi also shows the correct time under Android on the tested devices (X88 King and X96 Max+). It can already be seen when the CoreELEC system starts: As soon as the time is shown on the display, it is the wrong time.
Can someone here perhaps address this problem? Or does it really not bother anyone but me?

If my English is bad: Sorry, it’s a result of Google Translate.

In such cases I woud say it is something on your side only.

But please enable Kodi Debug settings, reboot and provide logs.

Here are the two logs:

  1. X88 King

  2. X96 Max+

Sadly I see no reason for this issue.

As already described: The time is right at 20.2. Even after downgrading from 20.5 to 20.2. Even after downgrading from 21.0 to 20.2. I tested both with clean installations.

Can you run this command in SSH console and copy/paste the result (few lines).

ntpd -w -p

Here the result:

ntpd: reply from offset:+92.776248 delay:0.014195 status:0x24 strat:3 refid:0x0708600a rootdelay:0.008545 reach:0x01
ntpd: reply from offset:+92.775282 delay:0.015692 status:0x24 strat:3 refid:0x0608d60a rootdelay:0.008270 reach:0x03
ntpd: reply from offset:+92.775666 delay:0.019911 status:0x24 strat:3 refid:0x9a087d0a rootdelay:0.008347 reach:0x07
ntpd: reply from offset:+92.776549 delay:0.016627 status:0x24 strat:3 refid:0x0508b80a rootdelay:0.008469 reach:0x0f
ntpd: reply from offset:+92.777193 delay:0.019108 status:0x24 strat:3 refid:0x0408d80a rootdelay:0.008453 reach:0x1f

now run

ntpd -p
ntpd -w -p

The time is now displayed correctly. However, after a restart it is incorrect again.

Ok, then reboot to have wrong time again and run

ntpd -p
/sbin/hwclock --systohc --utc

then reboot and see what happens.

It is the same. Correct time, wrong time again after a restart. By the way, the correct time is displayed after entering the first line.

reboot and run this and post url

journalctl -l | paste


Unfortunately I have to leave here now. I will be here again later or tomorrow.

I don’t see any reason for such behaviour.

As a workaround you could set this command in to get and set correct time

ntpd -p

Unfortunately, the command in does not produce the desired result.
The following results:

  1. X88 King
    When the system starts, the front display shows the wrong time. Initially, CoreELEC also shows the wrong time. After a few seconds, sometimes only after a few minutes, the correct time appears. But after about half an hour the wrong time is back. The time is turned back by approx. 90 seconds. Sometimes the correct time is never displayed.
    I have noticed that the deviation is not always exactly 80 seconds. It can also be 90 or 100 seconds.

  2. X96 Max+
    Correct time in the front display when the system starts. Correct time in CoreELEC. But here, too, the wrong time appears after about half an hour.

These results apply to both CoreELEC 21.0 and 20.5.

Strange behaviour. Maybe something wrong with RTC chip, network and NTP time, …

When above ntpd command is executed the time should be set. And because this is done very early on boot this your message sometimes only after a few minutes doesn’t make any sense. Maybe you need to enable in CE settings “wait for network”.
But after about half an hour the wrong time is back also doesn’t make any sense.

I have enabled the “wait for network” setting. The result is the same.
I have now tested Core ELEC 20.2 again on the X88 King, without As expected, CE starts with the correct time and stays there. The time is correct even after 11 hours of continuous operation. This suggests that a change in CoreELEC from version 20.3 triggers the error.

Can you try to update with this version and check how time behaves? I downgraded connman.