Increase Playbackspeed with remote


I want to increase the playbackspeed of a video with my remote.

I made my own remote config toml, but there only seems to be a key for fast-foward, according to this key list here (linked from here).

So here is how my config looks like:

name = "odroid"
protocol = "nec"
variant = "nec"
0xb2dc = "KEY_POWER"
0xb288 = "KEY_MUTE"
0xb282 = "KEY_HOME"
0xb2ca = "KEY_UP"
0xb299 = "KEY_LEFT"
0xb2ce = "KEY_OK"
0xb2c1 = "KEY_RIGHT"
0xb2d2 = "KEY_DOWN"
0xb2c5 = "KEY_MENU"
0xb29a = "KEY_BACK"
0xb281 = "KEY_SLOW"

But how would I go about and add the new key to that increases/decreases the playback speed?

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Try the very old and effective “Keymap Editor” addon

Ok, after quite some research I can confirm that it’s not possible.
CoreELEC has removed the “Sync display to playback” option for amlogic processors which my Odroid N2+ has. Since that is a requirement to increase the playback speed, it’s not possible.

Yes, it’s not supported on embedded platforms.

Would it work on an RPI4 since it’s not an amlogic processor?
→ I have my answer: It does not.

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