Influence of HDMI cable - which one to choose?

This is not CoreELEC specific. But using a HDMI cable in “good quality” is important I think.

While trying to solve problems with my devices I asked myself about the influence of the HDMI cable. There are often threads like “at least changing the cable solved my problems with audio/video/cec issues”.

But - changing to what?

Just to make a clear statement - I am not a promoter or hidden reseller of something.
In the meantime I have bought new cables. But I still don´t know if I have quality ones or crap.

I´ve spended hours to read user ratings on Amazon. A lot of cables there claim to be ok. for the newest HDMI Standards and High bandwith. But no matter if cheap or expensive - nearly every cable had ratings from 5 Stars to crap. And I saw funny discussions in the net about “this cable has a better Picture/Audio quality than that” although its based on digital signals.

Is there a objective way to test the quality of a HDMI cable ?
Does a piece of Software exist for testing ?

Are there cables known as “good” for a reasonable price ?

edit : another important thing for me is to change the power adapter. Nearly all adapters I´ve got with the chinese devices were crap. Take an old medium wave radio receiver near them and you can hear the problem…

Either Monoprice or Amazon Basics HDMI cables are both rated for full 10bit 4:4;4 HDR support, and are both relatively inexpensive.

I personally use the Amazon Basics cables, and they work perfectly.

just stick with amazon and monoprice cables

Look for premium certified hdmi cables

The last one I´ve bought didn´t have this premium logo. Didn´t know that.
They are from deleyCON and only declared as premium.

I tried a few that were all supposed to be hdmi 2.0b but I would always get a black screen whenever I set it to 4:4:4 10bit hdr
With the premium certified cable it works perfectly.
I went for the omars premium certified hdmi and at £12.00 it was actually cheaper than some of the others I had tried

Agreed. The ones with a QR code on each package. Doesn’t cost much and it takes it from the ‘It oughtta work’ class to the ‘Its gonna work’ class.