Initial Install with Remote Control enabled?

I have an X96Air which had an older version of Coreelec installed on a micro SD
I just installed 20.01-Nexus which does seem to boot properly.

The issue is that the remote control can’t be found so i want to use my iPhone (which has the app installed already and was working on the old version).

I used to be able to install an empty file called ssh to enable ssh/remote control on first boot (this didn’t enable remote control, I don’t think). This doesn’t work (I can’t ssh in).

Is there a way to enable using the iPhone as a remote prior to the first boot? Help?


You can’t use app. Connection needs to be set up in settings. Plug in some keyboard and set it all up :wink:

Thanks. My brain totally whiffed on the idea of attaching a keyboard. Duh!

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