Inputstream.adaptive.decoder on Odroid-C2

Recently implemented Amazon VOD and it works pretty well

However I’ve noticed in the Player process info screen the following
video decoder: inputstream.adaptive.h264.decoder (sw)

Is hardware decoding not possible? or is there a setting that’s not correct

CoreELEC (official): 9.0.1
Used this repo zip:
And using Inputstream adaptive peak3d-

HW decoding of DRM content isn’t supported.

Hmm, HBO Go-EU streams are HW decoded at 1080p using inputstream.adaptive and Chromium “” to work properly…
Are you saying that isn’t DRM content?

I’ve used or been running LE/CE on Odroid-c2 for a while. Using inputstream is all new to me but works pretty good other then apparently supporting software decoding. My question was specific to amazon prime videos

You’re right. Some providers do allow HW decoding, but Prime Video and Netflix don’t, as far as I know.

Worked for a couple of days. Now I’m getting this on two seperate odroid-c2 boxes

2019-04-03 07:30:31.715 T:3277874032 ERROR: GetDirectory - Error getting /usr/lib/kodi/addons/inputstream.adaptive/
2019-04-03 07:30:36.768 T:3277874032 ERROR: AddOnLog: InputStream Adaptive: Unable to find license;hdcpEnforcementResolutionPixels in JSON string
2019-04-03 07:30:36.768 T:3277874032 ERROR: AddOnLog: InputStream Adaptive: License update not successful (no keys)
2019-04-03 07:30:36.815 T:3277874032 ERROR: AddOnLog: InputStream Adaptive: Initialize failed (SingleSampleDecrypter)
2019-04-03 07:30:36.817 T:3277874032 ERROR: CVideoPlayer::OpenInputStream - error opening [plugin://±+Mr.+Tequila&trailer=0&selb

Tried this
~/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/script.module.inputstreamhelper directory and delete this file ~/.kodi/cdm/

And ran the script to install the widev libraries with no success

Auto magically it’s working again