Hi. I’m running CE 19.5.0, Linux version 4.9.269, build 19.4.
It’s the second time that I cannot install an addon 'cos it requires inputstream adaptive 19.0.5 while the newest version I have is
Can I upgrade it to that version, and if so, how?
Thanks for your help

First update to latest version Release 19.5-Matrix · CoreELEC/CoreELEC · GitHub

If it still doesn’t work enable kodi debug log and post it.

Thank you vpeter, I only saw your reply today because the e-mail notifications were not on.
I think I’ll wait to upgrade though, in order not have problems with the other addons that I have installed, which usually take time before they’re updated.
So, unless there is another solution, I’ll live with it for now

I think you will have to wait long time for yet another CE 19 release.

I don’t even get it which version you have installed now?

Anyway, this is the latest version of the addon. You can install it manually. Also you can change number to get older release.

The first line of my original message is what I get pulling the system info.
Do I install the zip file like a normal kodi addon?

I don’t understand this part that’s why it is unclear to me what you actually run.


If it’s unclear to you you can imagine to a non-techie like me.
Anyway, I successfully installed all the addons.
Many thanks and let me know if I can buy you a coffee


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