Install CE from SD card to eMMC on VIM3

Try with this DTB for Amlogic-NG:
g12b_a311d_khadas_vim3.dtb (72.8 KB)

There are 3 different versions:

  • 20.0
  • 20.1 and 20.2 (same as 20.0 with auto_cali_idx = 0 instead of 1)
  • 20.3 and 20.4 (more differences)
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Thank you for the information!

For now I decided to stick with the SD card as I see NO becoming the next standard in the near future and it would be (I think) easier to switch SD cards than doing a new eMMC.
Even got a better SD card (a V30 instead of a slower Class 10).

@vpeter is right again. Only Nexus ng 20.0 booting with network.
I’ve made test with the different DTB’s and retrieved the kodi.log files:
20.4 @Portisch DTB from above
20.4 with 20.0 DTB

dmesg from 20.4 with 20.0 DTB

Khadas VIM3 pro V13 (OOWOW says V12) 2009 3720

Kodi logs are useless in this case. only dmesg is helpfull. does it work or not?

Only 20.0 DTB working. There is a dmesg Nexus ng 20.4 with DTB 20.0 booting ok.

Did you try Amlogic-no?

Yes, it works OK. So you suggest to leave ng?

Yes, it’s EOL.

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Amlogic-no is not fully fledged yet. It’s running on VIM3 but some parts still missing.
Tried Amlogic-ng again. NG Omega nightly connects only with wifi. The Ethernet network DHCP detection is not working right since ng 20.0. It’s detecting wrong subnet and IPV4 addresses.
Was there a change in the ethernet dhcp network handling since ng 20.0?
Why is no 21 nightly working all right?