Install for Beelink GT-King Pro

Hi everybody,
After updating my beelink gtking pro to firmware 910P0, my box doesn’t boot on my CE TF-Card…
I try reflash with the image of GT-King and place dtb.img for GT-King, but if I use the new dtb for GT-King pro I’m in bootloop, I can boot with the rev_a.dtb since normally I need use the new dtb for GT-King Pro…
Can I change the dtb.img after the first boot with the rev_a.dtb ??

I just update device with SD card and CE still boots fine from USB stick with g12b_s922x_beelink_gt_king.dtb.

hi there!
i’m having the same issue. after updating to 910P0 in the system settings menu, it doesn’t boot anymore from the CF. Neither the SWITCH SYSTEM option does anything.

Any help?

Can you try booting from USB stick?