Install to internal - if it fails, can I still boot to SDCard?

Hi folks,

As the title says, if I try the install to internal and something goes wrong (as Im using an unsupported box - Droix X3), even though the Android install might be duff, will I still be able to boot to the SDCard? Im not in the least bit fussed about the internal Android as I never use it but fell it would be good to get CoreElec running on the internal mmc to speed it up a little, especially initially when loading, as I run a quite heavy self build with lots of art etc

Safest way should be to install alongside the Android, easier to remove the CE if you don’t see much power gained from installing on emmc. In theory, yes, you could boot from SD card if your box its bricked somehow. At least, ages ago with ksaq LE builds was possible. See if you find an android firmware for our box (vendor maybe?) as backup to reflash it. If everything goes bad there are some custom Android ROMs that can replace your tablet OS Android.

Here you have all the info: coreelec:eemc [CoreELEC]

I think this might be the firmware? Its around 700meg in size so not just a simple update.
I ssh into the Coreelec instance and do the install from the command line?

Yes, from ssh, try cemmc -x and proceed to dual-boot installation first.

1. CE not installed on eMMc

A. CoreELEC can be installed in dual boot mode
Use CoreELEC data from
[1] current used SD or USB device
Install CoreELEC on eMMC without removing Android from the device.
Dual boot of Android and CoreELEC is possible.
Not all memory of the eMMC can be used because of Android.
thats the safest approach.

Please read carefully the instructions!

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