Installation into eMMC

Hi, is it possible to release the script to install in TV BOXes? installtonternal is no longer there, and I would welcome an opportunity. I understand that general support is not possible, but I am happy to take the risk

Maybe this?

It’s not general support that is not possible, quite the opposite. The devs here cannot (should not) provide support, since installtointernal is not supported at all, by CE, due to the potential risks involved. There is support, as already mentioned, for official eMMC installation methods to appropriate devices, ie ceemmc.
Probably not a question to be raising in the Development Category, since discussion on this subject is actually a regression in CE development. :wink:

thanks, I overlooked the x parameter. :wink:

In my opinion, better use of HW options will always progress. But I understand your opinion :wink:

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