Installing 19.3 to Venz V10 (non PRO version)

Has anybody successfully installed ColeELEC 19.3 to SD card for Venz 10?

I have tried new installation toothpick and non toothpick method, the coreelec boots up normaly, reformat the partition, then boot again, and CoreELEC logo appears, starts blinking and mostly screens goes black after a while and reboots after several seconds and endless loop of boot and reboot after flashing CoreELEC logo.

Sometimes (happened only 3 times, seems i had to disconnect eth and everything from USB) main CoreELEC menu showed but I couldn’t control anything and system got stuck and after several seconds reboots and the same scenario (black screen after CoreELEC logo flashing and rebooting).

I hope there are some steps I am missing, as Venz 10 is officially supported.
Thank you for any help regarding this.

Looks like your device has an S905 (GXBB) SOC, which isn’t supported in the newer versions of CE.

The last version of CE to support your device is 9.2.8.

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Hi kshi, thanks for your reply.

I know Venz produced 2 versions of Venz V10 with 2 different SOC. I have B version (the last one) so I thought my SOC is supported. Venze V10 (non Pro) is supported in download section as well.
How could I check my SOC version (S905 - W/X/…)?

Would it be possible the system boots to CE main menu (Kodi) if it is not supported?

The CE 9.2.8 is working OK right now.
Thanks once more.

Check your SoC: Latest nightly - Strange video slowdowns? - #20 by Portisch

Glad to help. If the rev B is another variety of S905 (x,w, etc) you’re in good shape, however you’ll almost certainly need to update to Android 7.1 or greater on the box for the bootloader to accommodate CE19+. The stock android 6 bootloader on boxes of this era isn’t up to the task. You’ll get quirky errors that randomly crash the OS at best and no ability to boot into CE at worst.

This is a lengthy read but worth your time as others on this page have gone through this process themselves:

Long story short, if your box is an S905(x,w, etc) you’ll likely be looking for something in and ATVxperience or Aidan’s Rom for the requisite boot loader.

Thanks, my model name is:
model name : Amlogic S905L rev c
I am not sure, but it seems to be some version of S905X:

Amlogic S905L – Similar to S905X except it supports HDMI 2.0b but lack VP9 decoding, camera interface and TS inputs.

Thanks, will try and reply.

Best of luck to you. :slightly_smiling_face: Let us know how it works out.

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