Installing CE to EMMC Minix U9-H

Today I am running CE from the sd-card but I would like to try to install it to the emmc before upgrading my mediaplayer to see if its helps with the performance to the box.

Is there any good/simple guides how to do this installation? I wont be needing the Android OS on the box so that doesnt matter.
Anyone running CE straight from the storage?

Your device has a S912 soc doesn’t support using Amlogic-ng and therefore the tool ceemmc.
Search the forum for installtointernall command but be advised that it’s totally unsupported.


Oh snap! Thanks for catching that, I had it in my head it was an S905x. My bad. I’ll delete my misleading post.


A few months ago I did an experiment that now I always use on all my devices of any version to run CoreELEC from the eMMC because it allows me to keep the android boot. It is very simple, after booting CE from a bad, small, slow and old 2 or 4GB flash memory, it is necessary to identify the android data partitions in internal memory (/dev/data) and CE storage in flash memory (/dev/sda2) using the SSH df and blkid commands. Then I run the following commands:

systemctl stop kodi
e2label /dev/data "STORAGE"
e2label /dev/sda2 "EXT-STORAGE"

From now on, the STORAGE partition is in the internal memory, mixed with the android directories, and the device flies.

Note.- The CE boot remains in the boot partition of the flash memory but taking into account that CE loads this partition in RAM memory, everything, absolutely everything, is executed from fast memories.

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