Installing Emby Server on an Odroid C4

I’ve tried installing the Emby Server from within CoreElec, but I was unable to see it on port 8096. I tried installing the ARM version from Putty based on the instructions at the Emby website, but that failed. Has anyone installed Emby server? How do you do it? Configure?

use docker

I think I used Docker maybe 6 years ago. Any advice on how a non-expert can do it?

Thanks for the responses everyone, but I just decided it’s too much work. I have mad respect for people who make a project like Docker or Emby their lives, but that’s not me. I 'm just trying to easily share a database between my Odroid C4 and a Fire Stick. I really like elegant solutions, but until I can install and use Emby as easy as I use Kodi, I’ll just keep two separate databases. Thanks again.

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