Installing on VenZ V12 Ultra S912 16 GB


I am trying to figure out how to update my VenZ V12 Ultra with S912 chipset. Right now i am on an old version of LibreElec which does not to seem to update to the latest version when i try to.

Is anyone familliar with the VenZ V12 Ultra and could/would/want 2 help me out with installation guidelines.

The installation of CE is the same as for LE. Download appropriate compressed image file, unpack it and then burn the image to an uSD card. Then go to root of the fresh burned uSD card and in “device-trees” folder find appropriate “gxm_q201_3g_1gbit” file for your box, copy it to root of uSD card and rename it to dtb.img. So prepared uSD card is ready for installation, in the same way you installed LE.
Or just follow the instructions on CE installation page:

If CE does not start installation, then you’ll have to restore your Box with original Android version. This is sometimes needed after new LE installations, because of replaced original Android u-boot by LE installation.

If your box has 3Gb ram
LAN speed 1000Mbps

If 2Gb ram

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