Interesting DV

And with a Khadas Vim 4, it could work ?

VIM 4 not supported

Minix U22-XJ
Ugoos AM6
Homatics BOX R 4K Plus

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S905X3 and the S905X4 both have the hardware for Dolby Vision if the spec sheet I read is translated correctly.
Can you explain why I need the kernel module?

License fees need to be paid for Dolby Vision. The kernel module is needed to activate the DV decoder.

As long there is no dovi.ko module (enables the DV path in the hardware decoder) there will be no DV support. Even if AML would provide us with a dovi.ko we would probably not even be allowed to ship it and it would ONLY work on SoCs that have the DV license enabled.

You can probably forget all devices prior to 5.4 Kernel to ever have DV. I have had DV triggered with a 32bit Kernel on the Minix S922 board (which has the DV SoC) 2yrs ago but it required too much work and we postponed it for the next kernel update. Now AML doesn’t support g12 SoCs anymore with 5.4 kernel. I am not aware of a new AML Android board that supports 5.4 and DV in Hardware.

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What about this box? 5.4.180 kernel, and DV support, under ATV11

Got one being delivered today, will run some tests under android.

If CE is able to output DV on this box, I will buy one. I like CE.

There are a few devices using the generic SEI Robotics S905X4, the Nokia Streaming Box 8010, the Rocktek G2 and the Homatics box 4K mentioned on this forum. I don’t know the S905X4-K they use is marketing or another flavour of the chip

This company used the same sort of generic build for the Walmart ONN, Google CCWGTV and Google ADT-3 which don’t have CE support. It would be great to see an updated ONN for the S905X4. It is $20 and has certification and Widevine L1 and even runs LineageOS


If it is using 5.4 64bit kernel and DV works in Android it could work in CE. I say “could” because the situation with optee changed a bit in 5.4 kernel But it would be a big step forward.

But please don’t just buy boxes expecting it to work. Maybe if it’s confirmed one day by a developer…

I have buy because the hardware specs. But now Im suprised to coreelec working with this box.

Would a 64-bit ARM aarch64 dovi.a static library help to make it work?


Yes it will. Just mentioning that we are not talking about a library. We need a kernel module for that specific kernel.

Khadas published this library: [link]


This is for u-boot, not kernel. And you will still need a SoC including the DV license.

Yes, but I disassembled the file and I see that the functions needed to process DV (e.g. rpu parser) are all included, so I thought it was the same.

Who have time to implement disassembled assembler code into c :wink:
If this are just a few hundreds lines, sure. We would have done it already from dovi.ko. But we talk about thousands of lines.

These are the RE’d sources: [link]

What’s interesting is that CMv4.0 is handled in the code, while only CMv2.9 works under Android with Amlogic.

CMv4.0 vs CMv2.9 difference: [link]


This is the 64-bit dovi.ko kernel module from Homatics firmware: [link]


wow thanks in advance!!!