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I tried reading up on HEVC codec mappings but apart from some reference to how the matroska container handles certain formats and reference to colour mappings in the HEVC 2 specification, it tended to be the equivalent of rocket science to me, so would be interested to know what it means in more simplistic terms.

The above is the official Matroska implementation of storing Dolby Vision data in mkv files. Within the next month or so, those with Dolby Vision hardware could be playing mkv files with Dolby Vision :slight_smile:.

It was already possible using a different method. In April this year Mike (creator of MakeMKV) released a version of MakeMKV that stored Dolby Vision data in mkv files (for testing purposes), and yusesope released a modified version of ExoPlayer that successfully triggered Dolby Vision playback in mkv files.

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Thanks for the clarification.

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We have now Dolby Vision support in Mkv, in Plex, in Emby, working in devices with appropriate hardware,
Coreelec devs, do you think that it will possibly implemented in CE?

Curious about that too!

I know @cdu13a is working on it.

That would be fantastic. :smiley: :smiley:

any nightly builds with DV mkv support out yet for ODROID-N2?

No, and there won’t be any time soon.

If I understand correctly this will never be available for the N2. You need DV certified hardware.

Actually I’m kind of interested on what “certified” means in this context? I can see on my C4 that something related to DV does start up in the kernel.

[    0.716503@0] amdolby_vision_init:module init
[    0.716851@0]  amdolby_vision probe start & ver: 20181220
[    0.717010@1] dolby_vision_init_receiver(dvel)
[    0.717017@1] dolby_vision_init_receiver: dvel
[    0.717270@1] amdolby_vision_probe: ok

Is it supposed to load up some kind of key to send to the display or what? I know that DV is a propietary format, but even the people who do know how it works speak in very hushed tones

This is the software part of the decoder. The SoC must include also the hardware part to be able to decode it. And for this a special lisence is required.

I have the Ugoos AM6+ which supports DV. As you know the AM6+ has android and CE in two different partitions. In android DV works already in Plex and Emby. so it could also work in CE

that’s bad, so i can give my n2 to garbage…

CE does use ffmpeg and Kodi. As far as I know none of these do have DV support included (yet).

Yes, without DV it’s worth nothing…

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Or you can enjoy a relatively cheap device, with 4K, HDR10 and HDR10+, Dolby Atmos, and DTS-X support. A matter of perspective…
If you’re really going to throw it away, I’m happy to take it off your hands :slight_smile:

Kodi 19 Alpha on Android supports Dolby Vision Profile 5.

CE does not support Kodi 19 (yet)…

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