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I have one on order, should be here soon. Great expectations.


So are we saying definitely no FEL processing and MEL converted to 8.1 on the fly?

If this is to be believed Dolby_Vision_stuff - Google Tabellen only the Minix NEO U22-XJ or Ugoos AM6B Plus with slimboxtv firmware & Kodi 21.x can play real DV HDR profile 7 (BL+FEL+RPU) files - but as you can see from the comments, it’s dicey at best.

Can someone share a link to the exact box being tested?

Homatics box R 4k plus

Thanks that’s what I thought.

AIUI Dolby really don’t want that to be the status quo.

Every device that touches Dolby Vision encoded content has to be Dolby licensed AIUI, particularly anything that encodes, decodes or displays it.

It’s one of the major reasons that Dolby Vision is nowhere to be seen in HDR live broadcast production, only in some cases the final encode for delivery to viewers. Most live production is in HLG and/or SLog 3 as a result.

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I still hope that one day DV L1 metadata could be parsed in the device to build fully HDR10 compatible frames so no need to have a fully HW compatible DV chain.

It has been done in mpv with libplacebo months ago.

Thanks anyway.

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Encode with DoVibaker.

Use homatics and disable DV in Kodi. It will use fallback in meta data.

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Exactly. If DoviBker can build HDR10 frames, just waiting for players which use that system to deliver those frames to the display, not needing to reencode.

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Don’t think no one is working on something like that.

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Will the ne dv version ever exist? Or do we have to go from ne to ng?
my device uses ne
thank you so much

Sure, Homatics support Amlogic-ne.

Hi ! What about “hybrid” videos containing both HDR10 and DV in one file. Would it be possible to select HDR 10 from Kodi settings? (Vim 4 (Kodi 21 beta 2))

You can disable Dolby Vision in Coreelec settings.

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If there’s no DV there’s nothing to disable. VIM4: doesn’t have DV capabilities so it should fallback to HDR when available

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So it would automatically switch to HDR 10? Interesting. I thought that wasn’t the case. So I don’t really understand why I have very/too dark HDR films. :thinking:

“Dolby Vision, Version 1.0, dvhe.08.06, BL+RPU, HDR10 compatible / SMPTE ST 2086, HDR10 compatible”

The HDR activates well, but it’s as if the tone mapping was not good. While HDR10+ sources are bright, but not DV and hybrid source.

DV outside the locked doors of Netflix &others its a pale attempt - my 2cents. I had to tune my LG oled for days and read many forums and still not satisfied with hdr in DV - too dark for my taste. But that’s me and other maybe be ok with dark stuff.