Interesting INFO about Bluetooth (rtl8723bs) and LANG

Hi all,

I’ve been using CE for about 1 month. 9.27 is smooth, with HomeAssistant installed from DOCKER Addon and KODI itself. Everything works just fine for me. Except the bluetooth (rtl8723bs)…
From a fresh install, bluetooh works OK. But after a few hours/days. The bluetooth list in CE setting goes empty (can’t find any devices…). I’ve tried 9.26 / nightly builds. The one brings BT back, but also brings other problem (bigger).
Until now, after a bunch of updates and downgrades, I’ve found the cause. The BT goes away if I changed the system language to CHINESE. Once changing the language back to ENGLISH, BT comes back.
Spend a lot of time for such a funny one… Anyhow, 9.27 is now perfect for me. Cheers.

Great work CE team. You guys rock~

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