Intermittent 4 second black screen

Odroid N2
Denon X2200W
Vizio P75 C1
Ethernet Cable
400 Mbps connection
N2 connected to AVR, Denon connected to TV
Every once in a while the TV screen goes black (audio is still fine). It can go black playing a movie, tv show, or not playing anything, meaning just looking at the main menu (I use Aeon Nox Silvo, however, I changed to Estuary once and still did it).
I have changed the AVR’s hdmi output from CD to Media Player to DVD to Cable. I have changed the HDMI cables twice (all high speed cables). I have used the receiver’s ARC to the tv’s ARC, I have used the tv’s non ARC input, the receiver’s non ARC output.
The only conclusion (my presumption) is it’s either the AVR, or the N2. I don’t know what else to do.
Any thoughts?

Does it also happen with Estuary skin and N2 directly connected to TV ?

yes it does

Forgot to ask, also with stable 9.2.1 version, and with latest nightlies ?

In the aeon nox skin go into system/ display/ resolution and change that setting. Have recreated the intermittent black screen with 4096x2160p refresh rate 24.00. 3840x2160p with refresh rate 59.94 or lower with no issues. Using a95x plus with latest funhouse build.

this is interesting, i have youtube video which i use instead of cable. TV is hooked up to denon via ARC, yet never have any problems. Only N2. Shouldn’t that eliminate the Denon as source of problem?

what do you mean, "using a95x plus with latest funhouse build.
And are you asking me to play with whitelist refresh rates?

They are the android box and version of CE was using, the refresh rate/ resolution is what will be causing your black screen issues.

@Jappel2 please post which version of CE you are using as has already been asked otherwise we can not help you.

Not saying that is the issue, but not all HDMIs branded as high speed are 18gbps capable. The 11mbps ones are branded high speed too. Which brand did you get?
Also, did you buy the N2 with a proper warranty ?

Your issue as described is intermittent signal loss.
I remember VIzio TVs being very finicky when it has to do with 4K. Good cables are very important, but didn’t always help.
Try connecting the TV to the N2 directly, excluding the AVR.
Also make sure that you have high speed premium cables, which are 18gbps capable.
Usually Monoprice cables are considered very good and pretty cheap.
One more thing to try is to enable the 422 option and/or force 8-bit output. This will reduce the bandwidth requirements of the video signal, and can help increase signal stability.

Sometimes a fresh new install does the trick.

Interestingly, I see this same issue with an N2 connected via a Denon X2100 to a Panasonic OLED. It’s not often, but something seems to set it off. It will go through signal loss and re-sync. It will often do this multiple times…a reboot makes the issue go away.

I am 100% sure the cables involved have no issue carrying 4k@60 as I have connected other equipment with them without issue.

It’s an occasional thing - just not frequent enough to really annoy…mostly everything is fine.

Well, I changed the refresh rate to 24, and so far so good, all seems well.

Well, sure. Lower the refresh rate, and you halve the required badnwidth.
Get better HDMI cables.
Also, which HDMI port are you using? The 2015 Vizio models only support 4K@30Hz on HDMI 1-4, and 4K@60 4:2:0 chroma on HDMI 5.