Intermittent Reboots

Hi all,

My N2 intermittently just reboots for no reason when it is idle. Here is a log:

Can someone see why this is happening as I cannot find a reason from the logs.


No ideas anyone?

make whole report:


Sorry, I will try to add some more info.

I have an N2 running CE 20.3 at my mums place that I have setup to remotely manage. It only has the add-ons VNC and a Plex Client installed.

When doing a recent update I noticed the kodi.old.log with a strange time. The N2 is rebooted every 2 days at 5AM and the time on the kodi.old.log was not 5AM.

I installed Rsyslog Add-On and forwarded it to my Syslog Server on my home NAS.

It appears from the log that CE is being rebooted when my mum turns ON the TV. Here is the log. It’s only showing the reboot part, at 10:56AM on Feb 14th, but should be enough. Can provide the full syslog if required, but it’s rather large.

CEC Adapter is disabled, and I disabled the Plex Client. TV is an old Plasma 1080p.

So how do I stop these reboots?


EDIT: The disp_cap has been dumped to /storage/.kodi/userdata a couple of years previous.

This is again a not useful log.
When the device really did debug you need to get kodi.log.old.

Maybe it’s a broken HDMI cable or the TV do something with the connection after a timeout.

Also maybe plex addon cause this:

2024-02-11 12:30:23.689 T:15843    info <general>: script.plex: BGThreader (queue.0:worker.0): Idle
2024-02-11 12:33:50.561 T:3778     info <general>: Quitting due to POSIX signal
2024-02-11 12:33:50.604 T:3778     info <general>: Stopping the application...
2024-02-11 12:33:50.604 T:3778     info <general>: Stopping player
2024-02-11 12:33:50.604 T:3778     info <general>: Storing total System Uptime
2024-02-11 12:33:50.604 T:3778     info <general>: Saving settings
2024-02-11 12:33:50.615 T:3778     info <general>: Saving skin settings
2024-02-11 12:33:50.617 T:3778     info <general>: Stopping all
2024-02-11 12:33:50.617 T:3778    debug <general>: NetworkMessage - Signaling network services to stop
2024-02-11 12:33:50.617 T:3778     info <general>: ES: Stopping event server
2024-02-11 12:33:50.672 T:3848     info <general>: script.plex: Notification: xbmc System.OnQuit {"exitcode":0}

So make a clean fresh install and try again with nothing restored or installed.
When this works install one by one and do always check when it breaks.

Here is kodi.old.log.

The Plex Client Add-on was disabled before theTV was turned ON at 10:56AM 14th Feb.

At the moment only the add-ons Rsyslog and VNC is installed and it was happening before Rsyslog was installed.

i have that after 20.5 update on an x96 (s905x) device. Up to 20.4 was fine.
I note for it is only when navigating the menu or playing music or a video.
If i leave the device and ssh to the box, it is fine.
So for me, so to be kodi specific