Internal memory installation

I know this is not oficially supported so my question is not for devs, it’s for users. If anybody own device and he succeded with installing to internal memory, please let mi know. “Succeded” means it works just fine without any problems.

Afaik some devices have no prolems with it, I want to know which one.

Tronsmart Vega S95 Telos works perfectly after running installtointernal twice

Done this on three boxes, worked fine.
Before that - killed two.
You decide. :wink:

Otherwise, you can leave CE on a small µSD card, and use your internal storage for Kodi.

I did it yesterday on a Beelink, you basically just have to change two partitions’ label, and copy your data :

Well I guess “killed” does not mean dead completly, still able to boot from sd?


What device? I own mqx pro and I bricked it, but it still boots from sd

Just to ask if I want to update my Wetek Hub with the latest CoreELEC to internal memory. I have been running Libreelec kszaq’s build to internal memory for almost 3 years, and everything works flawlessly for me. Now is time to migrate to CoreELEC, but I am little afraid, what happening when you flash to internal but your default OS is not Android (in my case Libreelec)?

2 (two) cheap “karate” S905 boxes - RUPA M8S Pro 2/16…
The first I can’t remember anymore how I killed it, the second - with Armbian flash to internal…
And, no, Amlogic burn tool does not work, NAND pin short-circuiting does not work, there’s no reset button at all, I don’t have UART setup and that’s it. :slight_smile: