IPTV and VPN and Useragent problem

I am on the latest version and ordered IPTV

I’m using the IPTV simple client

All is working well, but if i start my VPN Manager (AirVPN) i can get the list of channels en the epg but if i start the channel it won play

CCurlFile::FillBuffer - Failed: HTTP returned error 401

I red that i have to change the user agent

i edit the m3u file with pipe and 'VLC" but that does no work

can anyone tell me what i have to enter in de iptv simple client at the change user option to make it work ?
or what i have to put in my m3u file ?

which one do i have to use ?

You can try IPTV archive addon where you can also set user-agent in addon’s settings.

OK i will check, but i dont know what i have to type in the option, what is the string voor coreelec that i have to put in ?

Your user-agent string :smiley:

i understand, the archive cliebt got the same problem…but what is the content of the user agent string

is it VLC or something else

Do you expect we should know what user-agent is needed for your provider? Which we don’t even know which one it is :innocent:

oh sorry i thought that the user agent was related to coreelec…VLC does not work… i contact my IPTV provider (IPTV Totaal)

or is it related to my VPN provider (AIRVPN)

just got the answer from my iptv provider…they block VPN ???
isnt that a risc for me, they got dutch channels (not allowed is illegal)
anyone got an iptv service for dutch channels with VPN allowed (and 1080P or higher)?

I think that your IPTV provider most likely does not support a commercial VPN (ask in the forum or the help service of the IPTV provider). My advice is that you stop using the VPN service when you use the IPTV service, don’t worry, if you live in Europe, communications can only be intervened by court order :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: (buying and using an IPTV subscription of any kind is not a crime, but selling an IPTV subscription with restricted broadcasting rights is a crime)

thanx all, i will stick to this provider or is there one with really 4K+ ?

is the iptv simple cient the same as the archive , whats the difference…?

any better iptv clients or addons i can use which you can recommand (im new to iptv)

Why do you even need VPN? Are you living outside of the country? And do you have some type of credentials (username/password)?

i sometime use it on my pc…but did use it also in kodi…just to be sure no one could trace me…but i guess its not needed if i see at the reactions above

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