Iptv client guide slow to load

CE need a very long time and sometimes stop to load the iptv m3u guide client… is there any way to boost it or anything else ? (huge client guide list m3u)

What’s a guide client? Do you mean the TV Guide screen?
If you have a huge list of channels and shows, then it will be slow on S905* and S912 boxes.
You can change the amount of days into the future and past the guide will display. That’s one way to make it quicker, reduce the number of days.
Another way would be to probably get a faster SD card and/or a faster device.

I have Evo Plus 64 thats need 12s to load CE wooo its already so fast… fast device I do not see or may be Nvidia but NO. I will try to reduce the number of days but I’m not sure to understand what you mean about "reduce number of days… anyway thanks

No, I meant something like a S922X\A311D based device, with eMMC.
You can select how many days of EPG Kodi will show.

[quote=“TheCoolest, post:4, topic:6478”]
You can select how many days of EPG Kodi will show.
[/quote]so I have to put 15 or 20 days to avoid downloading guide each time its that what you mean ?

??? I said less days, not more. But I don’t know how many you have set right now.

default 1 day I can NOT go less…

I found a way to reduce drastically the time to load the list. I download the m3u list from server and edit it I scrap all the channels I don’t want and I load the m3u modified list to kodi from my desktop this work very well and soooooooooooo fast

about S922X\A311D or Nvidia I choose Nvidia for few buck more there is no doubt see the benchmark here Nvidia destroy s922x https://androidpctv.com/comparative-amlogic-s922x/

Go ahead, the Shield is pretty good.
In CoreELEC rev B S922X chips run at 2.2GHz, in the GTK there can be either rev A (1.7GHz) or rev B (2.2GHz) chips.
There will soon be a much better deal than a GTK soon, though.

GTK mean Beelink GT King ?

Yes, that’s what I meant.

Ok. Thanks. For now my S912 Tanix 8 work very good so I can wait to see whats happens in future about S922X or any other android box