IPTV Kodi (AMLOGIC) stutters with 30 fps content

Hello, I seem to have an issue with some channels that have a slight stutter. I believe I have narrowed them down to channels that run on 29.97 FPS.

My setup;

3 instances of kodi, only 1 with an AMLOGIC chipset (the one causing the problems)

  • Minix with coreelec


From what I have read, this is the preferred config;

  • Adjust display refresh rate => On start / stop
  • Sync playback to display => disabled

My tests

  • I run the channel in VLC, it works well. the only difference I noticed between the channels that works and the ones that don’t is the FPS. 59 FPS runs smooth, 29 FPS stutters.
  • I test the same channel with the other Kodi boxes and the channel works fine

Other information

I have also tried AMlogic script frequency switcher but that did not fix the problem

Logs with debug can be found here… actually, can’t upload logfiles and the xi.io fails to upload from coreelec

Disabling H/W acceleration (amcodec) resolves my issue on stuttering.

So for me, enable H/W acceleration

MPEG2 - HD and up
mPEG4 - HD and up
H264 - never

Seems to have done the trick, need to keep testing some of my media though.

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