IPTV Lagging in movies

Lagging when watching IPTV 4k movie. But when I watch a 4k movie from Jellyfin, no lagging occurs.
I have fast internet speed D 250mb/s U 250mb/s.
I have tested to change advancedsettings file for higher buffering but it seems that this won’t do anything.
Any idea what could be wrong?

Any info of the equipment you are using (SBC/Box name/model, any other OS used, type of connection to router…) would not hurt, but you seem not to find it important.
So, reading from my cards, it can be at least 12 things that can be causing this, and I’m to lazy to write them all…

Do you want to borrow my Chrystal ball?

Tnx, but I ordered mine from a respectable Chinese vendor; it should arrive any day now…

I use N2 with latest coreelec stable build, high-speed HDMI cable.
Router asus n66u, cable connected.
As I wrote earlier it works great when watching locally saved 4k movies through Jellyfin.

Let’s hope there’s no import duty to pay.

I’d suspect the iptv provider,

As bubblegum57 said, it’s most likely the iptv provider or its CDN that can’t provide enough bandwidth.
HD channels are usually about 3-5Mbps (sometimes ~7-8), but 4K channels can usually be around 20-25Mbps, which is much higher, and the provider cannot handle it.

One option would be to save live stream and play the recording. To see if same issue happen.

Saving movie to test? Can it be done with Coreelec?

Not directly. You may be able to do it with TVHeadend.

Maybe with ffmpeg.

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