IPTV simple client channel don't load

Hi all

I have a minix u9 with 9.0.3 and Iptv simple client doesn’t load my channel list, it was working for me without any problem on 9.0.2. Any idea what goes wrong ?

Without kodi log - no ideas…

log file

Enable “Wait for network” under CoreELEC network settings and report if there is any change.

dosent make change to enable wait for network.
Even if it’s started and I unable Iptv simple client it doesn’t load the list

Does your network works? Can you try to install (and then remove) one addon?

Also try to disable and then enable pvr iptvsimple addon. Does it load list in this case?

Yes network work fine, it try to install IPTV simple client with archive and same doesn’t load list.

When I disable and enable IPTV simple client it doesn’t load the list.

Then check your DNS settings because I saw
CCurlFile::FillBuffer - Failed: Couldn't resolve host name(6)

I try with different configurations of my network but no luck, everything else work the weather is show and update, add-on update too.