IPTV simple client, latest version?

Anyone got IPTV simple client 3.8.0 compiled for test ?


I think it should be safe enough to include this in the nightly build. A quick test shows that it works, and even archive is workings as usual (in iptvarchive)

Any URL to download the .zip ?

It will be available in the next nightly if we don’t encounter issues.

Edit: The change was pushed, and should be available in the next nightly.

Hi all,

IPTV simple 3.8.0 is available in my repo now.

At: github
user: nrehn


For the lazy ones :smile:

Or just official one https://relkai.coreelec.org/addons/9.2/Amlogic/arm/pvr.iptvarchive/pvr.iptvarchive-

Both pvr.iptvsimple and pvr.iptvarchive have been updated to the latest releases in the nightly addon repo.

Anyone knows where I can find the latest one compatible with ARM pre-compiled ?

Latest code is already in CoreELEC.
And you can see a link two posts up to a precompiled build.

v3.8.3 is out but can’t find any pvr.iptvsimple- :frowning:

Anyone knows any source that always compile the latest version for ARM/Amlogic ?
I would like to make my own repo do non-interactive updates…

I’ll bump it later today, so it should be available after nightly addons are ready

pvr.iptvsimple- ?

Now I found how to compile the latest pvr.iptvsimple addon for Coreelec… Use repository.nic always for the latest version…