IPTV Video Stream Does Not Start

Hey guys. First off, I want to thank the team for taking on this task. I look forward to a bright future for CoreELEC…

I have installed CoreELEC on my ABOX A1 Max device (S905W). My main concern is the IPTV functionality.

I installed and entered my credentials into IPTV Simple Client. When I try to watch a channel, the stream does not start playing. Offline movies work just fine.

Also, when I reboot the device, the xml does not load automatically as it usually would.

My log can be found at this link: http://ix.io/1zYi


It looks like your box can’t access the internet.

AddOnLog: PVR IPTV Simple Client: Unable to load playlist file 'http://iptv-epg.com/c023-dzmcsz.m3u': file is missing or empty.

As above, I think IPTV client is trying to access the URL before your device has an IP.

I would enable ‘wait on network before starting Kodi’ from the CE settings menu.

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You would think this is a good idea, however, I have seen this cause issues. For example, if you have IPTV and their server is down, because the network was established early, you will not be able to boot into kodi. It can be accessed via ssh though provided you have an ip and can figure it out using netscan or logging into your router. Then you would have to “break” the pvr addon (just rename the folder) and issue a reboot. Just sharing some experience of my users coupled with flaky IPTV service providers.