Ir remote and Media playback info for Am6b+

After install CE on my Ugoos am6b+, i can only use it included remote in Bluetooth mode.
Is there anyway to use ir mode?
And the menu button was unused in CE, how to map that button to display media playback info why watching movie?

You can check the remotes section in GitHub:

You’ll find how to add your remote’s config to CE and use it with IR.

As i under stand, to get IR remote working, need to use remote.conf file
And if IR is working, do some config to remap unuse button for media playback infor display.
I already put remote.conf file from here:
to /storage/.config/ then reboot the box, nothing happen!
Do i need to put remote.conf file to the root directory of SD card?

In either one. Be sure you don’t mess the file in windows. And be sure that you’re using the right remote. There’s a pic in the remote repo.

Yes, the first time i used wget command to get the file driectly to . config folder, that did not work.
Just tried again with sftp tranfer and now everything work.