IR remote slow on 9.0.1 and 9.0.2

Hi all,

have a little issue that’s keeping me back from Coreelec.
I have Minix U1 with its remote controller.
Inside Coreelec remote controlling is very slow, sluggish.
For example, when scrolling trough a bigger list and you press constantly the GUI doesn’t follow remote presses.
If i use IP control then its fine and pretty fast, there is no lag between button press and action on screen.
Also, in Libreelec this remote behavior is non existent.
Is this something i can fix “with something” or its the IR config issue?

Thank you

How have you configured your remote with amremote or meson-ir?

Hi adamg,

you mean: echo “meson-ir * minix_neo” > /storage/.config/rc_maps.cfg ?
Yes, i did, without it the remote doesn’t work.
And i used device tree for U1 from “Device Trees” folder.


Ok so your using meson-ir.

Meson-ir sometimes needs to be fine tuned but it’s more for the advanced users.

The LE community releases use amremote, if you want to use that then download this file and save it to /storage/.config/remote.conf and reboot.

It works !
Thx again adamg for help.

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