IR Remote that works out of the box

I’ve used the TV remote (Which I hate, and doesn’t work with all TV’s), and Amazon Fire bluetooth remotes. I’m sick of the very short Bluetooth range, and constantly pairing. I’d like to just get an IR remote, something small and cheap, that would work with the IR on my Odroid-C4 without configuration. If I get a universal remote, Can I configure it to work with CE? Is there another recommended IR remote?

Almost any remote can be used, but none of them will work without configuration. Predefined configuration are available though.

I personally use my own configuration, because I don’t like some mappings and I want to change some of them.

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I personally use the G30, its a combination of RF and iR, and it can learn codes.

All i had to do was program a button for shutdown and wakeup, it does everything, so good i purchased 4 of them.

For me, when I got my odroid n2+, I already had a flirc-usb setup for kodi from a previous hardware-setup running libre-elec. just moved it over, and it worked out-of-the-box on the odroid n2+. My remote is a harmony setup to use an mace-remote.

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