IR wakeup: Create custom u-boot image with code mapping for "undefined decode_type"

I would like to use the IR wakeup feature on my Odroid N2 with a TV which returns an IRMP code in which the decode_type is undefined.

The page How to configure IR wakeup code states:

the decoded protocol is not implemented you will receive a message like this:

Received IRMP code: scancode='0x00251001', IRMP protocol = 7, decode_type is undefined!

Then a implementation/code mapping for u-boot would be needed.

If I understand correctly, this means i should hard-code the scancode in u-boot, specificially in the odroid-g12-common.h header file and create a custom uboot image.

Can anyone elaborate if I understood this correctly, or give any pointers on what to do?

No, you will need to implement the whole protocol for your remote first.
This means the timing with start pulse, bit count and and and.

With a quick look I guess you have a unknown variant of RC5.

Thank you for your swift response.

With the old TV which I still have at hand, the IR wakeup does work and shows a valid decode_type. I added a custom oldtv.remotewakeup file and was done. This seems to contradict your advice to implement the whole protocol for the remote?

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