Is CoreELEC running 100% on any "cheap" Android TV Box?

After i bought one of theese problematic boxes (X96mini) i would like to know if there is any of theese S905W, S905X, S905X3 boxes wich one runs with CoreELEC including On/Off functionality?
The one i bought has an X96mini_RP (ampere) board, which seems not to be compatible with CoreELEC. Newly i bought one: advertised as X96Max+ 4/32G, they delivered one called X96Max, on startup it showed X96mini on the screen and had an X96mini p281 board - i sent it back. Is there any of theese which one i should buy or - rather should i go in direction J3455B-ITX / J5040-ITX?

I bought a Bqeel Y8 max 4/64 in May 2020. CoreElec runs quite well, except CEC. GBit LAN works, the remote powers the device ootb on and off, without any hassle. So, no blob required. I setup tripleboot Leia/Android on internal and Matrix on SD card. Now, I’m exploring Matrix.

Thanks a lot - unfortunately it is too long ago, “Currently unavailable”. They probably sold the whole batch they produced, now comes something new. Amazon is offering now “Bqeel Android TV Box 4K Smart TV Box 4G + 32G R1 PRO Android 10.0 TV Box with RK3318”… Thanks anyway.

Bought and just had delivered from AliExpress an X96 Air 4/64 for $51 (is this cheap enough?).
Mine was advertised as having 1000MB ethernet (figured if it didn’t I would contest with PayPal).
Received it yesterday (version P3) and it does have 1000MB port.

I installed -ng nightly on an SD card and booted.
I installed the right VFD and addon, too.

wifi shows up (ie it identifies my SSID), but I’m not using it
wired works
bluetooth works
display shows time and information

I have no idea about the heat, etc. but a drill and or fan can fix that.

Of all the cheap boxes the X96Air seem the most reliable for CE.


Thanks, i did not mean cheap as something under usd 50 or so, i mean not usd 150 because then i will rather go for a normal mini-PC like J3455, J5005 or J5040, then i will have my homeserver in it also. I am using now a mini-ITX Asus P8H67-I with i3-2100T and a GeForce GT 710, it is OK but draws too much power -> produces heat -> loud.
Can you switch you X96 Air really off via shutdown command? Ma X96mini stays switches on, the attached USBdisk is still running, i have to pull the plug every time. If i am running the original android the switch on/off is ok with the remote controller.

My X96Air responds to remote power off command, it then wakes in response to remote as well. I think I used the blob to achieve this. Don’t really use it though as sometimes it doesn’t bring up the LAN correctly on wake (most of the time it does if you give it a sec). I usually just leave it on 24/7


According to a Youtube video of a comparable box, plugged in and doing ‘nothing’ it uses less than 4 watts.

You mean it is not a big deal leaving it running? I changed the idle time for the attached hard disk to 10 minutes, so i could leave it as is.

And of the best boxes, which would currently be the most recommended for CoreELEC? In my case I am not interested in Android or microSD, only installed in the internal memory.

Thank you

I run my main system on the X96Air and installed to internal using the -x switch using cemmc.


I have X96 Air with CoreELEC in its internal memory. I was asking for a better box for CoreELEC.

Odroid N2?

We can put it in two levels:
S922X (or similar) - N2+, VIM3, Gt king/king pro and minix U22-XJ.
S905X3- C4 and VIM3L.
This are the top supported devices.

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What is bothering you with the X96 Air? I have one up and running plus a N2+ - and in the end they both work fine.

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