Is it possible to access external usb drive on windows pc from coreelec on N2? (Via samba)

I am trying to derive the proper network address to allow for access to an external usb drive attached to my windows 10 pc (mapped to Z:) from my N2 (coreelec) .

I can access a local folder on the c drive , but what about an external?

The address im using is


Where smb4 is the folder in c: Additionally, I have the account and password for the windows account set for the source to allow for the connection.

Any help would be appreciated!


You need to share it as disk_z for example on Win10 for same user as for smb4
And after you can add it as usual

What is the url going to look like in the end? Drive_z would replace DESKTOP-M8QOH7L in the string?

Also, how might I go about sharing the Z: as disk_z?

Thanks again!

I really appreciate it!

Should be something like
DESKTOP-M8QOH7L is your PC name or you can use IP if it static
To share a folder right click on drive ->Properties->Sharing->Advanced sharing
Check Share the folder. Permisions->Add to add the same user(if required)

I have a network drive on my windows, and am trying to smb directly into it from my n2. I thought it would behave identically to a local drive, however no such “share properties” exist when I right click the network drive.

When I input it into kodi, I get a connection refused popup.

The SMB://DESKTOP-M8QOH7L does work however…

There are no share options when I right click on any folders in the network drive.
What am I missing?


some time name pc not work
use IP address for your pc

Microsoft deprecated SMB1 and it is off by default now. In the process they’ve also broken the Master Browser function on some versions of Windows. So it’s pretty common to have trouble seeing shares now on Windows networks. You ~should~ see a whole bunch of shares by default under the the hostname of your CoreELEC box, but Windows may not be seeing them. I had to jump through a few hoops to get that stuff working reliably on my home Windows network.

You ~should~ be able to use NetBIOS names (hostnames) instead of IP addresses to connect to your Windows shares assuming things are working right. I can use them for SSH connections and for connecting to shares without issue. Though you definitely want to try IPs if you’re having trouble.