Is it possible to add more than one wakeupkey in config.ini?

I read your post, and make three remotes working at same time, but only one key can be set to waking up N2, is it possible make each remote’s powerkey all working?

There is right now only one remotewakeup code supported.
If you can match up to compare only a few bits what are the same for each remote IR code you can do it with the remotewakeupmask. Post your IR codes with ir-keytable -u.

Thank you for your reply!
powerkey 1: 0x23dc4eb1
powerkey 2: 0x23dcdd22
powerkey 3: 0x7b84ff00

Try this remotewakeup='0x23dc4eb1', remotewakeupmask='0x23844C00'.
This just (0x23dc4eb1 AND 0x23dcdd22 AND 0x7b84ff00.) == 0x23844C00
But maybe you get also an additional remote button what will wake the N2 :wink:

The amazing remotewakeupmask can make all three remote power key wake up N2.
and yes, I just tested and find four additional remote buttons also can wake the N2.

Is this a problem? Main purpose is that the power button on the remote will wakeup the device, isn’t it?

No problem, That’s OK, my purpose is wake up N2.
Thank you.