Is it possible to recover INTERNAL flash? "Could not mount /flash/system"

Hi all. Ive had CE running solidly on a KIII Pro since it was new so a long time now. I got an error today “Could not mount /flash/system” after a power outage. Most threads I found suggest doing stuff with the SD card but my install is on the internal flash. Is there a way to repair that? Thanks

I am guessing that the advise that you have read suggests copying the SYSTEM and KERNEL image files from an image file to replace your corrupted ones.

So in your case, you would seem to logically need to create a new installation from bootable media (SD card/lash drive) and use that as the base to copy the necessary files across.

Thanks, I will try that. I didnt think I would be able to access the internal flash from the sd card or if I did an “install to internal” that it would delete my existing installation which I dont want.

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