Is it possible to run gaming docker on corelec with hardware acceleration?

I am trying to see if an OdROid N2, with CE can replace my nvidia shield. I need to get either Steam or Moonlight installed on the N2. Someone mentioned docker would be a good option. Is it possible? If so. Can someone point me to instructions on how to do it?

Thanks all!

Keep studying. Amlogic does not have now an arm processor that exceeds the performance of Nvidia Shield. As for Docker, it is an encapsulation technique that does not share libraries or memory spaces in a runtime environment, therefore it requires more RAM and more storage memory. Running games in Docker is complicated to implement, you will have to find the game requirements and install the running environment with Docker before installing the game. In addition, CoreELEC does not have a desktop to run graphics applications that are not compatible with Kodi.

I think you misread my question. I don’t need to run native games. I need moonlight or steam… all the games will be running on the PC. OdROid is just a front end.

I think similar work is being done with LibreELEC with emulation station and moonlight. So I think it’s possible to run steam or moonlight (both linux apps) in a docker which I’m told is hardware agnostic.

I know it’s possible that CE can’t currently do it or can’t do it at all, but I just wanted to confirm.