Is now a good time to make the move from LE


Hi, I’ve been a long time user if LE on s912 device I use wrxtasy forced 10bit 1000nit build… is now a good time to update to the latest core elec build, I mainly use it to play locally stored 4K 10bit hdr content and I would like to keep the auto switching resolution and colourspace?
Thanks in advance


Try both and YOU decide which is best for YOU.

No one else can decide for you. :wink:


Until recently I had been using the same wrxtasy build on my S912 boxes for day to day use, trying every nightly build of Coreelec to make comparison.

Recent builds have bought CE to the sane level as LE and now I use it exclusively, updating each nightly release.


Just to be sure, install CE to a different usb


Now Leia is final I would say its an appropriate time now to make the jump as updates should be trouble free from now on.


Thanks for the replies guys… I have le installed to internal, can I create a sd card with core elec and then ssh installtointernal to overwrite le?


Yes that will work.