Is NTFS good for long time usage with CE?


My intention is to use a 1TB external HDD formatted to NTFS with CE for “everyday usage”. This includes: playback videos, copy files from and to a Windows PC on LAN, and torrenting via Transmission. But I have read a couple of complains and warning elsewhere regarding CE (and generally Linux) and NTFS compatibility issues and some of them were really frighting.
I now that it’s much slower than i.e. EXT4, but the ones that freaking me out the most is that I’ve also read that CE can even cause video stutters, file corruption errors on an NTFS HDD and sometimes even system instability, freezes and reboots as well. ??? Is there any true ground behind these statements, could they really happen? Or are there any other important issues that CE can cause in this case on the HDD/files?

For me, for both video playback and torrenting, i guess around max. 120Mbit/s stable performance would be enough from the HDD, so not planning to use EXT4 or exFAT if it’s not that very necessary, also because the need of the best Windows compatibility.
And yes, I also know about that NTFS tends to get fragmented with time under CE from torrenting, but I guess this on it’s own won’t be a big trouble, as I have in mind to defragment it time to time connected to a Windows PC.

So what you think/suggest, will this combination be viable for longer time usage considering my preferences?

Thanks for the replies!

I have 2 HDDs (1T and 2T) formatted to NTFS, both working perfectly on various CoreElec installations on different boxes from S905W to S922X…

I got my N2 connected to a 4hub usb and have 5 hardrives (all with own power) on it, all ntfs and no issues.
When i m on my win10 pc, i can reach all hard drives thru network ( pc and N2 are hard wired ).
The HD speeds are not really a problem, even with high bitrate 4k mkv.
In the future i m looking for a bigger HD (or a nas), so i can reduce, harddrives…
I m very pleased with the N2 with Coreelec… :grin:

Thanks for the replies so far! But I still must ask that are you also using those HDD’s for torrenting with CE (i.e. with Transmission add-on)? As I could have take out, most of those complains I’ve read are also related to torrent usage somehow with NTFS file system. ???

No torrenting with N2… only with win10 pc.
N2 is pure for music and film.

I’m, not torrenting with N2…

Ok, so could I expect some reply also whom using their NTFS HDD’s for torrenting with CE?
Thanks in advance!

(Also replies from some CE (maybe developer) gurus/pros would be appreciated!)

NTFS will be only more CPU usage when copy/use hdd, but will work fine.