Is there a remote control with IR & 2.4Ghz without having to change modes

I have a 2.4ghz remote control capable of both RF and IR transmission. I also have a Mecool KII Pro running Coreelec (which works well thanks guys). The IR keys on the remote have a learning function allowing them to learn from the output of other IR remotes - so I can set up a key to, say, turn the TV on… or in this case, to turn the Mecool box on.

I have two problems.

  1. What I really wanted was for the remote to simply transmit RF on keys set up as RF keys and IR on keys that have learned IR codes, but that isn’t the way it works. The whole remote is either in RF or IR mode. I have to press a SET key to switch between RF and IR modes. The IR Keys will only work in IR mode (and similarly the RF keys will only work in RF mode).

  2. When I shut down the Mecool box, the illuminated switch turns from blue to red and the USB ports switch off which means that any dongle I’m using for a RF remote powers off and this means that whenever I press any key on the remote I get a blue flashing light as the remote unsuccessfully tries to pair with the dongle. The remote takes 17 seconds to give up trying, during which time it is locked up. The remote can’t restart the Mecool box in RF mode because the dongle isn’t working. The remote can restart the Mecool box in IR mode, but if I’m in RF mode the button doesn’t do anything apart from initiating the pairing process which takes 17secs to fail… realising that I’m in the wrong mode I then press the SET key to switch mode which works… but locks the remote for a further 17 seconds. DOH!

So what I’m asking is… Has anyone come across a simple tv box remote where the power button is IR and the rest is RF and where pressing the power button doesn’t initiate any pairing/waiting? Alternatively does anyone know of any way to make a Mecool KII pro’s usb sockets stay on when the box is shut down? :smiley:


I use a riii25 remote that has a couple of ir keys (power is one) that i often use for this purpose.

The ir keys are ‘learnable’ which makes it a perfect candidate imho. Most other keys including keyboard are rf

Have the same problem with K1 pro
Can’t start with voso air mouse or via cec when turning AVR on.
Have to use original remote or power button on device

Hi Atreyu, Thanks for the reply.

Can I ask some questions about the Rii i25?

  1. Once your remote has been set up and the RF codes that you want to use have been learned. If you are using the RF keys, say to navigate around the screen, if you then want to use one of your IR buttons is is just a case of pressing the IR button or do you have to press a button to switch modes first?

  2. If you were to program one of your IR buttons, say to turn the TV on/off, what happens if you then unplug the dongle so that there is no RF communication, if you then use the IR key to try to turn the TV on does the remote work first time with no waits or problems? And if your answer to question 1 was that you have to switch modes, then can you still switch modes from RF to IR with no waits or problems when the dongle is unplugged?

The RF buttons are not programmable, the i25 is basically a wireless keyboard and airmouse combined with a few dedicated IR buttons.
The IR buttons are separate, and they work without having to press any special keys to switch into IR mode.

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Yes, exactly .
And for the second part of your question: yes.
Ir will work even if rf is turned off.

Btw i cant say its a very well-built remote but its a good replacement for some of those that come with these boxes

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Many thanks for the replies. Just as an update, some time ago I had ordered an August PCR450 and it arrived today. It has two learnable keys, one which I taught the on/off code for the TV the other which I taught the on/off code for the Mecool box. The rest are 2.4ghz keys. It’s a very simple remote with navigation keys, OK key, menu key and volume up and down, and it has an air mouse mode. It does enough of what I want because I will be using the Mecool box in holiday accommodation where it will have a number of users (so it needs to be simple) who will be using menu access to do everything and so won’t need to type anything.

I am tempted by the Rii i25 because it has the integral keyboard which will be more useful to me while I’m setting stuff up.

Once again, many thanks. :+1: