Is there is simple method to test code changes without having to go through the patch system?

I have been playing aroung with the Coreelec builds and have a question regarding the patch system. I want to make changes to amdolby_vision.c for various tests. This file already has patches files in CoreELEC.

I am able to make some simple modifications in the linux-amlogic repo, create a patch file and then add it to CoreELEC/projects/Amlogic-ce/devices/Amlogic-ng/patches/linux
However, because of the many patches, it’s difficult working on this file and keeping track of all the changes.

What is the simplest method to make changes to this file?
Is it possible to take the patched amdolby_vision.c, make changes directly on it and then compile it without having to go though the linux-amlogic repo?

It’s since today easier as the patches are now removed. You will best need a local clone of Linux and your patch on top. Then you can easy rebase it and place a update of your patch if required.

Thanks for the previous response. It’s much easier now.

I would like to make frequent changes to the amdolby_vision.c and test.
Right now I am running make, usbimager, copy dtb.img, setup…
This process is cumbersome.
Is there a faster method to test changes made on amdolby_vision.c?

Found a way to skip some of the steps.:

  1. gunzip the img.gz file
  2. sudo losetup -Pf the img file
  3. copy from the newly mounted loop device the SYSTEM and kernel.img files to the COREELEC sd card folder

I’ve been editing files in the build directory and then doing this, adapted for CoreELEC. Not sure how it works with files that have patches though.

Only changed files are recompiled. If you change the patch files then whole package is rebuild anyway.

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