Is this remote's microphone usable?


I’ve found a perfect remote control even with a mic.
Rii MX6

Is possible to use CoreElec with a remote with microphone?

This feature is really very useful. Could it work somehow like on an Android is backed by Google audio recognition with possibility to change languages? Too difficult, right? :slight_smile:

Just Kore is the only solution right now, isn’t it?

Read this

although it say’s libre, core is pretty similar so might work.

Otherwise SPMC on android supports voice

Strange, that you interpret . . .

Nope. There is no audio input/mic support in LE (or Kodi) to capture voice and send it somewhere for processing. You need to use an external device like a Google Home or Amazon Echo …

. . . as 'it might work’. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Yes, perhaps I should have clarified it might work, to it might work if you use an external device as it says in the link,

I found that before :slight_smile: Would be nice to have all the possible features with CoreElec, I mean integrated in CoreElec. I understad, too much work for not so much benefit:

open source speech to text

Yep, voice input might be possible with an external device, but not the integrated mic in question (just to be clear)

looks like it needs to create a special Android distribution to use all the benefits of the whole Android ecosystem with all the features :slight_smile:

The original Android on MeCool is bad.