Is this truth and nothing but truth?

Just red this post on Kodi forum, and would like to hear the other side.

There are no sources available because it is work in progress. When project will be finished they will be available as usually and everyone could build CE as always.

Also I’m wondering why would you run CE on such expensive device :slight_smile: For such ammount of money you would get much better device.

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Just short about GPL violence:
OSMC should be renamed as C(losed)SMC as well as where are the sources? Before talk about violence he should take care about his own stuff and situation.
And rename it to “secure…” does not solve the violence as well.

The fact he wants to make CE bad as he have chosen the wrong technique for his new device.
3D is dead in user area and his new device does not support Dolby Vision at all. He try to map DV to SDR as last hope to catch as most users (sold devices) as possible.

There are less expensive devices on market with better media support. So it’s a kind of waste of money to invest in a “dead obsolete horse”.

To be true: why a licensed hardware dealer do require such kindergarden? And to be honest it’s nothing else: the only way is to make others bad to lift up his own glorious items.

The fact he needs source for implement support even shows he have no idea about the system. It would us require less than 5min to implement such hardware. When it’s not already be supported by delivered DT what I guess is the case.


Don’t wonder, I have NO intention to buy any Vero box :slight_smile:
I just wonted to here both sides; only then one can get closer to whole truth.

And now it’s clear to me as what is goin on.

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