ISDB-T Driver

I have an Odroid C2 running the latest CE build, I got an USB ISDB-T TV dongle, but when I try to use it with TVHeadend, it is recognized as a DVB-T adapter. The chipset is RTL2832. Is there any way to add the specific driver for this dongle?

Have you tried changing DVB drivers to dvb-latest?

Yes I have. I tried CoreElec default drivers, DVB drivers for TBS and DVB drivers from the latest kernel, in all of them it shows as DVB-T in TVHeadend.

dvb-latest uses drivers from the latest kernel so if that doesn’t work then we are limited in what we can do.

We can try to patch default/latest drivers if a driver exists for your adapter.

How can I install dvb-latest?

Program Add-on / CoreELEC Module Drivers

I noticed that RTL2832 is used for both DVB-T and ISDB-T.

Just a side-note, RTL2832 is used also in Astrometa DVB stick, and I believe it works fine (for DVB-T) with v4l media build drivers. I am using panasonic mn8873 although within the same stick, because it supports also DVB-T2.