[Issue] Subtitles on 3d content

I am running coreelec 9.2.0 and tried watching a SBS 3D movie with external srt subtitles.

The movie is shown OK and automatically detected as 3D and TV switches automatically to 3D mode.
All Kodi menus are also shown as 3D during movie play as expected.

The problem is that the subtitles are NOT shown as 3D they are shown regularly and as such can not be read clearly during the movie.

Is Kodi/Coreelec supposed to support this option? If yes then what is the problem?

Is no one watching 3d movies with subtitles?

None of the team have a 3D compatible display and so we are unable to verify this issue, are you able to see if the same problem exists with Kodi on PC or an RPi or any other platform?

It sounds like an upstream bug to me.

I’m watching 3D movies with external subtitles and everything is fine for HSBS/HTAB files. My experience is that it’s best to use external .srt files with 3D depth = 3-5 for subtitles. If I use the muxed ones sometimes the subtitle is messed up like showing double etc. So use external .srt files and use correct naming of your files - Kodi: Naming video files/Movies -> Kodi 3D :+1:

I can confirm this, external .srt subtitles work OK on my N2 with depth set to 3.

Where is the subtitle depth setting located?

Same place where are all other subtitle settings -> Settings -> Player -> Language IIRC…

OK found it. Now get the subtitles 3d effect but…

My LG 60PM6700 depth setting was set to 10 (default) and in kodi I tried all depth range 0-10 none looked good enough to easily read. 10 in kodi was the best but still not good enough.

I also tried to change the TV depth range below and above 10 and again changed the kodi setting.

Couldn’t get good subtitle visibility. It was difficult to read.

Any recommended settings?

This is the setup and the settings that I use. So revert all changes in Kodi back to default and try to apply the same for testing.

Kodi settings -> Player:
Videos: Playback mode 3D = Preferred mode
Language: 3D depth = 5, size = 24, style = normal

Kodi settings -> Interface:
Skin: 3D = 5

Kodi settings -> System:
Display: Resolution = 1080p 60fps, 3D preferred = Same as movie

A screenshot of how it looks for you might be helpful to give further advices. The issue might simply be related to the subtitle style if you have not changed from “bold” to “normal”.

Then look into your TV settings and make sure that all display processing aspects are turned off (the names might be different for LG compared to Samsung)

Picture mode is set to Cinema
Dynamic Contrast Off
Clean Digital View Off	
Auto Motion Plus Off

Make sure your TV actually show the correct 3D mode by pressing the 3D key on your TV’s remote and look into if there are any 3D settings for your TV