Issue with 1080i live TV

I noticed that when for whatever reason live TV stream is interrupted (even for a very short period like 1-2 seconds) - e.g. momentary signal loss - and then when playback is resumed - the channel become unwatchable.
I uploaded a short video of this issue. Nevermind the 50Hz flicker - notice the artifacts starting at 00:11. Those artifacts remain until I switch to another channel or stop/start the playback.
I can reproduce this issue only on 1080i h.264 channels. Progressive 4K h.265 channels are unaffected. My non-Amlogic devices (RPi and x86) running LibreELEC are also unaffected.

Hardware: Le Potato
Software: CoreELEC current nightly, Tvheadend. Older CE builds also have this issue.

The issue can be easily reproduced by simply unplugging the ethernet cable for a couple of seconds while streaming a 1080i channel from a Tvh server.

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