Issue with Wake on Lan, N2+

Recently purchased an Odroid N2+. At first wol was working, but at some point (I don’t recall when exactly) it stopped working.


I use wol on pretty much all my networked devices and only the N2+ does not work. I have switched cables / switch ethernet port.
Also tried sending wol-packet from router, phone and ipad.

The reds light is constantly on.
The networking lights both are on and blink when I send the wol-packet.

I boot using MMC

HI, did never us WOL, but I use the CEC settings. So if I power my TV on, N2 gets over HDMI Cable signal and boots up. If I turn TV out, N2 shuts down or go to suspend, what you prefer. This works also if I boot up TV and last source was Apple TV, N2 stays put and only if I switch to the HDMI where N2 is connected it boots up from suspend. Maybe this helps as long as you don’t find the WOL problem.
Greetings, J.

Thanks. This is what I did after giving up on wol.
So odd how 90s tech won’t work reliably.

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